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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank you to Asheville Citizen Times!

We are giving a big shout out to the newspaper today, and especially to Barbara Blake who wrote an amazingly long article about us! You all should check it out here...and yes, I do have shoulders like a linebacker.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meadows Studios Holiday Open House/ Tree Trimming Party!

Hey there all. As you obviously can tell by now, I am a sucky blogger. That is, I am a nonblogger. Anyhoo here I am now. It seems like the holidays are upon us and we have something very sweet lined up. We are in a wonderful old building here in West Asheville. It had been virtually empty for many years before we came in, along with Dustin next door. Now the building is chock full of some amazing artists. Upstairs we have The 1000 Collective, a group of film and visual artists. Also there is Dennis Smith of Flux Glassworks, who specializes in some pretty awesome mirrors that are definitely not of your Home Depot variety. Next door up there are the studios of Anna Thompson, Kreh Mellick, and Leila Amiri, all ladies making art, and making it right. Finally, there is Bandwagon Found, an online shop selling vintage goods.

So, on Saturday December 11th from 3-8pm we are gonna open up the building for a damn fine holiday shindig! All of us in the building will have our places open, along with some special cheery stuff like bake sales and booze. Here in the shop we will be having a tree trimming party. We will show you how to make some different types of ornaments that you can then take home and teach your children slaves to make.

Come help us celebrate the new beginning to a lovely old place!