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Friday, May 27, 2011

Ben Sollee Craft Party

We were so lucky recently to have Ben Sollee play here in the shop, in conjunction with his new album release. The night was amazingly fun, with a great showing from the community and from Ben and his friends. We had a block printing class that was free, and the finished images were used in a special release of the album. If you have never heard his music, you should definitely check it out!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rug Braiding Class!

Sunday 3-27
Did your grandmother ever have on of those great big round braided rugs? Mine did. I remember I used to lay on it in front of the fire place and be very cozy. Well, we are gonna learn how to make one! While it is based on the ol' timey tradition, we are gonna be making it new and modern. You do not need a sewing machine, and this is something that you could work on while you watch a movie. You could make a bathmat or keep going and make a full size rug...These would be really sweet in a kids room!
Instructor DeAnna Hatch has more that 15 years of teaching experience.
Please bring any scrap materials you may have to work with. Thinner fabrics like cotton will work best. The fabrics can be anything you are attracted to, like a skirt with amazing colors or an old sheet with a cool pattern.
Class fee $20
please call to register! 828.505.8595

New Asheville Wedding Blog!

Jennifer Callahan is certainly doing something right. Asheville is a beautiful place for a wedding, and many people travel from far and away to do their ceremony here. How do they find out about the glorious things we have to offer? Why, from the world wide web of course!
Asheville, with all its quirkiness, creativity, and energy hasn't had a source for all this marital goodness until now. Jennifer has set up a blog to showcase all the the local talent that she can find, which should keep her going for a long, long time. Jennifer is a photographer, and her images, and the blog, are beautiful. Be sure to check it out here, especially to read the post about The DryGoods Shop!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parent and Child Art Classes.

Just a little taste of what goes on here Fridays 11-12. Needless to say, action packed and very fun.

Become a member!

Hey folks. So the other day I went out and bought some brand-spankin'-new sewing machines! Thanks to Michie and Robin over at Asheville Cotton, we are now home to four lovely BabyLock babies. So what are these machines for, you ask? They are for our members. That's right, we are now offering memberships to people who want a place to work on their sewing, but do not have the time or money to invest in a dedicated space at home. To become a member, you give us some money (not a lot, I promise) and then you can come and sew anytime we have lab hours. The machines will be here, cleaned, oiled and ready to use. You can also store your supplies and projects in your own little cubby here so you won't have to lug it around.
The best part? During these lab hours, Leigh Anne (that's me) will be here to answer sewing questions as they arise. What?! Yes, you heard me. Bring in that new pattern, those drapes, the mending, all those crappy little beautiful projects you have been putting off! You don't have to be so scared now. Really.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New wares!!!

New headbands by Sans Souci, out of Chattanooga. She also sells these at Anthropologie...

Sans Souci.

Prints by Molly Rose Freeman.

Waterproof waxed canvas tote by Overlap Sewing Studio.

Cards by Heidi Gruner Designs.