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Friday, July 30, 2010


That's right. We have put some classes on the calendar for August with more to come. Get in here and register or call for more info!

Sunday August 1
Sisters in Stitches
This a free, open group for crafters/artists of all types. Bring in your old, forgotten projects and work in our community area.

Contact Lael 828.230.4914

Thursday August 5

Sew, Do It By Hand.

Learn to darn a sock, hem your pants, sew on a button, all the basic things you can do with a needle, thread, and a little patience. Who needs one of them new fangled machines anyway? Get ready for the apocalypse and the lack of electricity following...

Sunday August 8th
Love Your Machine

Bring in your sewing monster from home and we will show you how to clean it, take care of it, understand it, and hell, even sew with it. In two hours you will leave with something nice you made and a little less anger toward a mechanical device...

Sunday August 15
Love Your Machine

We will be getting some new machines soon and will have a full line-up of project based sewing classes, as well as open studio time for you to come in, use the machines, and work on stuff. We are also planning more classes in the book arts, jewelry, mixed media work, collage, screenprinting, stenciling, and kids classes. Let us know what you think!

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  1. Sorry I missed your class "Sew. Do it by hand". I hope you'll have another one soon!